"Everything contemporary folk music should be"  Folk on Tap, UK

About Enda

Enda Kenny is an Irish-born songwriter who has made his home in Australia since the late 1980's. His thoughtful, descriptive stories of his adopted homeland have struck a chord with festival audiences here and beyond. His songs are always memorable and spiced with plenty of humour. Rock and Reel describes him as a cracking live entertainer.

Now residing near Mount Beauty in the Victorian Alps, Enda is touring extensively throughout Australia in 2023 as well as New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Germany. The year has started well, Enda was awarded Artist of The Year 2023 at Newstead Live Music Festival in January.

"On small stages to intimate audiences or large stages to festival audiences he always holds the crowd in the palm of his hand. Witty and intelligent songwriting and a brilliant night's entertainment" 
Eleanor McEvoy 

After a decade of juggling performance with a career in Public Housing, Enda returned to full-time music with the release of Kitchen Ballads in 2019. After the interval (COVID) he is happily back on the road and taking forward bookings for 2023 and onward. 

For a full list of concerts check out the Gigs page. 

"The finest Irish songwriter living overseas" 
Colum Sands

Enda Kenny is one of the new generation of singers and songwriters in Australia who is attracting international attention. He writes of the world in Australia, of his personal journey, of his desire for peace and the conservation of our environment. His songs are gentle as well as hard hitting when he tackles difficult subjects. He commands our respect. As a singer who depends on writers I am delighted to have discovered his work. If you get a chance go and listen to him, for above all you will have a stimulating and enjoyable evening's entertainment.” - Roy Bailey


  • Signature (1991) - Cassette 
  • Twelve Songs (1994) - CD 
  •  Bakers Dozen (1995) - CD 
  •  Six of One (1997) - CD 
  •  Cloud Lining (2001) - CD 
  •  Here and There (2005) - CD 
  • The Lomond Collection (2006) - Song on Compilation CD 
  •  Pearler (2007) - CD 
  •  Heart Tattoo (2013) - CD 
  • Until (2013) - Song on compilation CD with Cam MacDonald "Festival Folk Sing Judy Small" 
  • The Maritime (2017) - John Beavis song on Alanna & Alicia CD "Songs I'm Singing With Me
  • Minstrel of the Dawn (2016) - Song on compilation CD "Festival Folk Sing Gordon Lightfoot
  • Assorted tracks on Festival Compilation CDs, Illawarra, Trad & Now, National FF, Wintermoon, Ranges FM, Live at the Clifton, Macca's Top 100 and many more.
  • Kitchen Ballads (2019) - CD 
  • Hooked (2022) - Song on compilation album "Melbourne in 60 Seconds

Awards and Recognition

  • Twice winner Lawson-Paterson Port Fairy Folk Festival Songwriting Award. (Rainbow's Friend 1989 & Rabin 1996)
  • Roddy Read Songwriting Award - Maldon Folk Festival (My Own Road)
  • Redcar Festival Songwriting Award UK - 1995 (Baker's Dozen)
  • Finalist in National Folk Festival Songwriting Award - Declan Affley Award 1993 (Colours of Australia)
  • Album of the Year Award - Australian Folk Alliance - "Presenter's Choice Award" for Here & There 2008
  • Best Workshop on an Australian Theme - National Folk Festival/ABC Radio National - The Pearling 1992


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